When a sponsor pays for the schools fee, books and dress, we do not call it a ‘donation’. Instead, we ask the sponsor to create a scholarship in the name of their choice. This way, the receiver can later present scholarship in their portfolio and the sponsor can keep track of various receivers for their scholarship.

Sahayogi Haat Scholarship

Sahayogi Haat Scholarship is a gesture to reflect the importance of education for socio-economic development of the society and country.

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Priyanka Scholarship

Rushika Shrestha established and awarded ‘Priyanka Nepali Scholarship’ as a birthday gift for her friend, Priyanka Nepali.

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Ambika Devi Scholarship

Darshan Parajuli started ‘Ambika Devi Scholarship’ in the name of his grandmother, to support the education of needy students.

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Sano Prayash

Paras Acharya and Ankita Sharma created ‘Sano Prayash’ fund to help the students in need.

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Artha ra Uddeshya

The goal of Jaya Tripathi’s life is to make it meaningful, which she believes, can be done by helping others and by spreading happiness. Hence, she decided to create a fund which would signify “Meaning & Goal” translated as “Artha Ra Uddeshya” in Nepali. “Artha” also means “money”. She thinks if a little bit of her financial contribution can facilitate someone to achieve their goal, that would give a lot of meaning to her life. She hopes this fund sustains and helps more people in the coming days.

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Learn to Code

Shristi Gajurel created a fund that will help a student to learn computer science and harness their love towards digital literacy.

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Perseus is first child (one of the cutest child ever) of Prajwol and Nisha. They decided to establish this fund on their son’s name.

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Momochai is the best momo place in New York. 57-16 Woodside Ave, Woodside, NY 11377.

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Sammriddhi is the name of the cute daugther of Santosh Timilsina and Laxmi Shrestha Timilsina. They decided to create this scholarship on their daughter’s name.

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